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So white pathology rears its ugly head again ↘


So I’m sure a lot of you have heard about the ridiculous ‘artistic event’ that some are calling a ‘feminist gathering’ being held at a plantation, hosted by Ani DiFranco. Well shits hitting the fan on the Facebook page after some woman kept dismissing the critiques of black women about the…


Remember that time Arthur parodied South Park.

Anonymous asked: Why do you fart bacon?


In his creases I saw only you.

His heavy, naked arm wrapped around me didn’t make me feel we were in our secret home we barricaded around ourselves to keep the horrendous world at bay.

He doesn’t have your face, showing tiny glimpses of the deep-seated pain of a sordid past we both battle and yet thrive off of everyday.

This is a stupid post and I don’t know why I’m on tumblr at 3AM.

But I still fucking miss you and I don’t know why.